Sigma Xi 2018 Student Research Showcase

Agricultural, Soil, & Natural Resources
Gabrielle Blake

The Efficacy of Hydroponics vs Aeroponics on Basil Growth
Gabrielle Blake, American Heritage School

Experiment compares which form of soilless agriculture, hydroponics or aeroponics, grows basils faster. Hydroponics grows them in a liquid nutrient solution while aeroponics grows them suspended in the air and periodically sprayed by a sprinkler system. The basils’ heights were measured daily over a ten day period after germinating from seed in rockwool cubes and later transplanted aeroponics and hydroponic systems. 

Investigation of Water Additives as a Method to Slow EvaporationRichard Grey Leonard 2018
Richard Grey Leonard, American Heritage School

The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effectiveness of easily-implemented, low-cost, non-toxic additives that could slow or prevent the evaporation of water. The goal was to be able to use the results of this study to consider alternate materials and/or methods that would offer an improvement over the existing techniques currently in use for aiding water retention.