Sigma Xi 2018 Student Research Showcase


Stefan Abi-KaramA High Resolution Ad-Hoc Mesh Network for Distributed Decentralized Remote Weather Sensing, Public Warnings, and Disaster Coordination using Redundant Communication Systems
Stefan Abi-Karam, American Heritage School

This study is the creation of a robust decentralized system consisting of an ad hoc network of weathers stations that have multiple communication methods in order to transmit high-density weather data even in the case of power outages and downed communication systems.

Regina SungThermocharger: A Novel Approach to Portable Energy
Regina Sung, Clint Early College Academy

A handheld charger, capable of charging other devices, powered by the temperature difference between excess body heat and the ambient temperature. The innovative final product is called the Thermocharger.


Kofi MeighanCreating a portable device to comparatively measure impedance through sickled red blood cells
Kofi Meighan, Pine Crest School

We created a portable device that accurately measures impedance values through a sample.


Andrei Spiride Dynamic Weight Sensing for a Cost-Effective Assistive Grip Device
Andrei Spiride, Plano East Senior High School

This project investigates the feasibility of designing a low-cost assistive grip device that can help users improve fine motor control while dynamically adapting to changing characteristics of the objects manipulated.

Student Research Showcase logoThe Effect of Angle Measure and Counterweight Mass on Horizontal Trebuchet Projectile Distance
Avinash Kanakam, American Heritage School

In this experiment, the counterweight mass and the release angle of the payload arm of the Trebuchet are manipulated with intention of achieving the best possible distance. 

Shiny Rajan Tumor-on-a-Chip for Personalized Cancer Drug Testing
Shiny Rajan, Virginia Tech-Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Current cancer treatment planning are based on educated guess work by physician based on previous patient response to a drug. It is difficult to predict how a patient will respond as each cancer is unique. Tumor-on-a-chip platform address this issue by testing various drugs on tumor model made from patient cancer cells thus personalizing treatments based on actual drug response for the specific tumor.

Eeshani Behara Salmonella DNA-Fingerprinting using Lab-on-Chip Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis
Eeshani Behara, American Heritage School

The objective of this study is to design and test a fast and low-cost method using a microfluidic lab-on-chip to detect Salmonella by creating a DNA-fingerprint.

Kuan Cao Computational Medicine Methodology of Machine Learning and Text Mining with Applications to Autism
Kuan Cao, Bronx High School of Science

This research study utilized a machine learning and text mining classification method to identify clinical publications relating to autism.

Vera Sarubin

A Novel Methodology to Build Organic Multifunctional Materials via Magnetic Alignment
Vera Zarubin, Bronx High School of Science

In this study, the alignment of particles under low-level (mT) magnetic fields is presented as a new fabrication methodology for colloidal conducting polymers.