Sigma Xi 2018 Student Research Showcase

Physics & Astronomy

Drew Morris Diffuse X-ray Emissions from the Local Galaxy
Drew Morris, Pine Crest School

Outlines my research at University of Miami's Dept. of Astrophysics in NASA's X-ray Astrophysics laboratory studying the Diffuse X-ray emissions from the Local galaxy by measure X-rays from the Local Hot Bubble and from Solar Wind Charge Exchange.

Alexander Stewart

Noise Monitoring for the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR
Alexander Stewart, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Applying software defined radio and the Fast Fourier Transform in order to help monitor electromagnetic noise sources for the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR.

Jonathan Lu

Laser Microstructure Modification Enhanced In Vitro Biomineralization and Degradation of Mg-AZ31B Alloy Biodegradable Bone Implants
Jonathan Lu, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Bone implant surgeries account for over 3.1 million surgical procedures performed each year in the United States; however, the multiple surgeries required to maintain and remove the implants have resulted in a relatively high death rate. In this research, a degradable bone implant was created based on the Mg-AZ31B alloy.

Valmiki Kothare

On the Dynamics and Control of Quadcopters
Valmiki Kothare, Parkland High School

My Wix website contains: a 3 min student video, an interactive project poster, a 250 word abstract, a 20-slide presentation with an embedded 45 sec flight simulation video, a downloadable simulation procedure and a discussion forum.


Pranati Modumudi X-Ray Variability Study of the Blazar Mrk 421 towards Multiple Acceleration Zones
Pranati Modumudi, Evergreen Valley High School

The origin and location of the non-thermal particle acceleration zone in active galactic nuclei (AGN) jets is one of the major questions still pending for these objects. This investigation aims to study the X-Ray variability of the blazar Markarian 421 with respect to the particle acceleration in its jets.

Student Research Showcase logoThe Effects of Magnetic Intensities on Blood Flow Interactions
Aneesh Veeramachaneni, American Heritage School

The Effects of Magnetic Intensities on Blood Flow Interactions.

Student Research Showcase logoElectron Trapping for Small Scale Nuclear Fusion
Jonathan Kelley, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Modern nuclear fusion research is expensive, resource intensive, and out of reach for many undergraduate and even graduate labs. We explore a unique subset of nuclear fusion that shows potential in drastically reducing costs and scale of nuclear fusion research.

Student Research Showcase logo100 THz-Bandwidth Difference Frequency Generation at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanoscale Junctions
Erin Sutton, University of Pittsburgh

We investigate broadband Terahertz generation and detection at nano-scale devices in the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 system. Using two-wavelength mixing experiments, we demonstrate a 100 Terahertz bandwidth at the 10-nanometer scale, combining high-resolution and broad-bandwidth abilities, thereby enabling Terahertz spectroscopy at the single molecular level.