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Fiscal Year 2015 Dues Rates (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

Regular Dues

Applies to all individuals who are full or associate members and do not qualify for a reduction in dues as described below.

Emeritus Dues

Are available to any member in either of these categories: (1) is retired and at least 65 years old, and has paid dues for the immediate preceding ten years, or (2) is retired and has paid dues for the preceding thirty years. This reduced dues option cannot be used in conjunction with another reduced dues option.

Transitional Dues

Any student who has completed their degree within the last three years may request to pay dues at the transitional rate. This is limited to non-students for a period up to three years after graduation. Following the three-year period, the member is automatically advanced to the regular member rate. Transitional dues are renewable, but must be certified annually. This reduced rate is not retroactive.

Student Dues

Are available to any full-time, degree-seeking student at an institution of higher learning. Student dues are renewable, but must be certified annually. Payment for the current year only will be accepted. Renewals will not be processed for additional years. This reduced dues option cannot be used in conjunction with another reduced dues option. Postdocs and medical residents do not qualify for the student rate but may qualify for transitional dues (see above).

Automatic Dues Payment

You can choose to have your dues automatically charged on your credit card or drafted directly from your bank account. Current year dues are processed on May 15th of each year. Members who sign-up after this date will be charged immediately and then processed on May 15th each year thereafter. An e-mail notification of the dues deduction will be sent to you after your credit card/bank account has been charged/debited. This option is not available to those paying student, transitional or unemployed member dues. Sign-up or change your current automatic payment options by using the Automatic Payment form.

Pre-payment of Member Dues

Members are allowed to pre-pay their dues up to two additional years at the current dues rates. December 31st of each year is the cut-off date for pre-payment at the current fiscal year rates. As of January 1st of each year pre-payment can only be made at the upcoming fiscal year rates.

Initiation/Promotion Fee

For all new initiates (first-time members) and promotions, this fee covers the cost of processing and preparing a certificate of membership. Elections/promotions reported after January 1st should be assessed rates for the upcoming fiscal year.

American Scientist Goes Digital:
The Society distributes American Scientist digitally to all active (dues-paid) Sigma Xi members via an e-mail notification with links to a browser or PDF version. Print issues are still available and active members who wish to receive the print edition of the magazine receive a discounted rate. Member print issues follow the same fiscal year period as membership of July 1 - June 30. In time, we plan to use the digital edition of the magazine to build an interactive community with our readers and to share and explore ideas, knowledge and perspectives.

Tax Deductibility of Member Dues & Donations

Dues paid by individuals to professional, membership, and/or fraternal organizations are not generally considered tax deductible under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Tax Code. If your dues are paid by a third party business, institution, or specific kinds of trusts, they may be tax deductible to those entities as a business expense. Financial donations to Sigma Xi are tax deductible. It is possible that financial and/or in-kind donations this year and documentable planned gifts to Sigma Xi could reduce your current income, capital gains, and future estate tax liabilities. For further information on these options, please contact Sigma Xi. Because it is the Society's goal to always act in the best interest of its members and because each individual's financial circumstances are unique, Sigma Xi recommends that you always seek the counsel of your tax advisor.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the administrative offices by e-mailing memberinfo@sigmaxi.org or call 800-243-6534 or 919-549-4691.