Sigma Xi Will Move Its Headquarters

March 09, 2015

Sigma Xi Center

The headquarters of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, has been sold to Research Triangle High School.

A new chapter in the history of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society began today as its leaders announced the sale of the building that serves as its international headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Since 2003, the building has served as the Sigma Xi Center. It is home to the Society’s headquarters staff and the editorial staff of its award-winning magazine, American Scientist. It also has a multipurpose conference facility.

“Sigma Xi’s Board of Directors, at the recommendation of its Executive Committee, decided to sell the Sigma Xi Center building as part of its ongoing efforts to optimize its financial commitments to activities and programs that better match the priorities of its members and those of the general educational and scientific communities,” said President George Atkinson.

The transactions underlying the sale were completed today at a closing held in Raleigh. Through its subsidiary, the building is now the property of Research Triangle High School (RTHS). RTHS plans to use the building as its central teaching facility with operation to begin in the spring term of 2016.

“Transferring ownership of the building to RTHS is completely consistent with Sigma Xi’s original intent for the building to serve the science and engineering sector,” said President Atkinson.

RTHS was founded to provide globally competitive education in science, technology, engineering, and math.

“This sale is certainly one major piece of a broad financial strategy designed to assure Sigma Xi's success for years to come,” said Ron Millard, Sigma Xi’s treasurer.

“Rather than supporting our occupancy of a building that has not been completely compatible with the needs of the Society, Sigma Xi will move the entire staff along with several symbolic items (e.g., the walls that honor Sigma Xi's Nobel laureate members, etc.) to a nearby leased headquarters designed specifically for the Society’s operations. While challenges remain, this more efficient working environment will allow all of us to focus on creative programs and services that strengthen Sigma Xi's support of the research enterprise and expand our leadership in increasing evidence-based scientific literacy of the broader society,” said President Atkinson.

The Sigma Xi staff will continue to operate in the existing building for about four months while leased space within Research Triangle Park is prepared for occupancy. The agreement with RTHS ensures that the entire operation of Sigma Xi will proceed without interruption.

Information on the new Sigma Xi Center will be available shortly.


Sigma Xi’s move is scheduled for July 3–6, 2015. The new location will be:

Cape Fear Bldg, Suite 300
3200 Chapel Hill Nelson HWY
RTP, NC 27709-0013

Sigma Xi and Research Triangle High School have reached an agreement for the school to serve as custodian of several symbolic items, including the walls that honor Sigma Xi's Nobel laureate members as well as the pavers, benches, and historical frieze from the original Sigma Xi chapter. Sigma Xi will retain ownership of these items and insure them while in the possession of RTHS. Sigma Xi members can visit the building and the items by setting up an appointment with the school administration.

More About Sigma Xi: Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society is the world’s largest multidisciplinary honor society for scientists and engineers. Its mission is to enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science and engineering, and promote the public understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Sigma Xi chapters can be found at colleges and universities, government laboratories, and industry research centers around the world. More than 200 Nobel Prize winners have been members. The Society is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. On Twitter: @SigmaXiSociety