Sigma Xi Members Elected as AAAS Fellows

December 14, 2016

Nathaniel J. DominyCongratulations to the following Sigma Xi members for their election as 2016 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This honor recognizes a AAAS member's contributions to innovation, education, and scientific leadership. 

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AAAS Fellow


Curtis John Struck

Iowa State University

Gary T. Schwartz

Arizona State University

Alice C. Harmon

University of Florida

Karen-Beth Goldberg Scholthof

Texas A&M University

Karen R. Rosenberg

University of Delaware

Nathaniel J. Dominy

Dartmouth College

Steven D. Clouse

National Science Foundation

P.V. Vara Prasad

Kansas State University

Wallace E. Tyner

Purdue University

Ann Carol Palmenberg

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anne L. Plant

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Arthur R. Hand

University of Connecticut

Carol A. Stepien

University of Toledo/NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Chandra Mauli Agrawal

University of Texas at San Antonio

Charles D. Amsler

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Cindy Lee

Stony Brook University

Clifton A. Poodry

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

David Fielder Eaton

Light Insights, LLC

David Patterson

University of Denver

Debra P.C. Peters

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Diane Grob Schmidt

University of Cincinnati

Donald R. Zak

University of Michigan

Eleanor A. Blakely

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Gerald M. Borsuk

Naval Research Laboratory

Gregory M. Mueller

Chicago Botanic Garden

Hannah V. Carey

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hilkka Inkeri Kenttämaa

Purdue University

Hong-Cai "Joe" Zhou

Texas A&M University

Ian Thomas Baldwin

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (Germany)

James B. Ames

University of California, Davis

James C. Paulson

The Scripps Research Institute

James J. Smith

Michigan State University

Joel Mitchell Goodman

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

John E. Burris

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

John Howard Adams

University of South Florida

John J. Ewel

University of Florida

José M. Argüello

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Judith Marie Iriarte-Gross

Middle Tennessee State University

Karen W. Hughes

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Kathleen Postle

Pennsylvania State University

Kaustav Banerjee

University of California-Santa Barbara

Konstantine P. Georgakakos

Hydrologic Research Center/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California-San Diego

Linda L. Slakey

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mark R. Chance

Case Western Reserve University

Michael Bass

University of Central Florida

Patricia E. Berg

George Washington University

Patrick H. Dussault

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Peter B. Moyle

University of California-Davis

Robert Dan Holt

University of Florida

Ross A. Virginia

Dartmouth College

Stephen L. Morgan

University of South Carolina

Steven M. Gorelick

Stanford University

Sue L. Jaspersen

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Thomas J. Pinnavaia

Michigan State University

Timothy T. Hla

Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Julie T. Millard

Colby College

Robert A. Copeland

Epizyme, Inc.

David Darwin

University of Kansas

Peter Francis Davies

University of Pennsylvania

James H. Garrett Jr.

Carnegie Mellon University

Chih-Ming Ho

University of California

Ali Khounsary

Illinois Institute of Technology

Sidney Leibovich

Cornell University

Frank L. Lewis

University of Texas at Arlington

Carmen S. Menoni

Colorado State University

Mohammad Shahidehpour

Illinois Institute of Technology

Paul G. Heltne

Chicago Academy of Sciences

Michelle Anne Kominz

Western Michigan University

John W. Valley

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Baohua Gu

Oak Ridge National Laboratory/University of Tennessee

Vijayakumar Bhagavatula

Carnegie Mellon University

Dmitry B. Goldgof

University of South Florida

Eugene Santos Jr.

Dartmouth College

Powel H. Brown

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Nina Felice Schor

University of Rochester Medical Center

Amita Sehgal

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Leslie P. Tolbert

University of Arizona

Shyam S. Mohapatra

University of South Florida

John Michael Blondin

North Carolina State University

Jerry P. Draayer

Louisiana State University

Henry O. Everitt III

U.S. Army

Berend T. Jonker

Naval Research Laboratory

Dennis K. Killinger

University of South Florida

Jay N. Marx

LIGO Laboratory

Louis M. Pecora

Naval Research Laboratory

Hrvoje Petek

University of Pittsburgh

L. Ramdas Ram-Mohan

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Arjun G. Yodh

University of Pennsylvania

Norma Graham

Columbia University

James Henry Howard Jr.

Catholic University of America

Clinton J. Andrews


Brenda Ekwurzel

Union of Concerned Scientists

Alicia L. Carriquiry

Iowa State University

Hal S. Stern

University of California

Matthew W. Ohland

 Purdue University

Pictured above:

Nathaniel J. Dominy of Dartmouth College is one of the Sigma Xi members who were recently elected as a 2016 AAAS Fellow.

More About Sigma Xi: Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society is the world’s largest multidisciplinary honor society for scientists and engineers. Its mission is to enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science and engineering, and promote the public understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Sigma Xi chapters can be found at colleges and universities, government laboratories, and industry research centers around the world. More than 200 Nobel Prize winners have been members. The Society is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. On Twitter: @SigmaXiSociety