Members and an Explorer Earn Awards at Intel ISEF

July 29, 2019

IntelISEFEight students who are connected to Sigma Xi  won awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in May. Collectively, they received $221,000. They are eight Sigma Xi associate members and one explorer.

All of the students who compete at Intel ISEF are ninth through twelfth graders who won a top prize at a local, regional, state, or national science fair. Intel ISEF presents its Grand Awards for students ranked in the top of their category. Special Awards are presented by supporting organizations, including Sigma Xi, which awards $6,000 to students annually  

Associate Members

1. Eeshani Behara, American Heritage School, Florida

ENBM038 — Smart Microfluidics-based Impedance Aggregometry Biosensor for Detection of Platelet Hyperaggregation

  • Drexel University Full Scholarship: $200,000

2. Ruhi Sayana, The Harker School, California

BMED058 — Precision Care for Leukemia: Discovery of Novel Therapeutics for High-Risk ALL via Epigenetic and Computational Transcriptome Profiling

  • Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) Scholarship: $10,000
  • Intel ISEF Best of Category in Biomedical and Health Sciences, Third Award: $1,000
  • Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty Foundation, Second Award: $500

3. Susanna Ruth Dorminy, Sola Fide Home School, Georgia

EBED005 — Freeze Protected Vaccine Cold Box for Off-Grid Locations, Year Three

  • U.S. Agency for International Development’s Science for Development First Place Award: $5,000
  • Intel ISEF Best of Category Award in Embedded Systems, Fourth Award: $500

4. Angelin T. Mathew, American Heritage School, Florida

MATS074 — Developing a Bacterial Cellulose and Kombucha Tea Waste Product Based Scaffold with an Integrated Oxygen Generating Construct for Islet Cell Transplantation

  • Intel ISEF Best of Category in Materials Science, Second Award: $1,500

5. Muhua Yang, St. Joseph's College, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Co-presented with Elysia Ye, Chinese International School, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

ANIM012T — Aliens Invade Hong Kong: First Record of the New Guinea Flatworm (Platydemus manokwari) as an Invasive Species in Hong Kong, China

  • Intel ISEF Best of Category in Animal Sciences, Third Award: $1,000
  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society Physical Science Award, Honorable Mention

6. Elizabeth Grace Kinsey, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina

Co-presented with Uma Loh Volety, John T Hoggard High School, North Carolina 

EAEV059T — The Bioaccumulation, Toxicity, and Electrical Discharge Plasma-Treatment of the Emerging Perfluorinated Contaminant, GenX

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Second Award: $500

7. Rajat Ramesh, American Heritage School, Florida

EGCH041 — Utilizing a Modified Wastewater-Based Medium as a Feedstock for Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Biologically Produce Fatty Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids as Alternatives to Petrochemicals

  • Intel ISEF Best of Category in Energy: Chemical, Fourth Award: $500


1. Marcus Justin Schlauch, Clear Brook High School, Texas

ENMC017 — Portable Graphene Oxide Desalination

  • Intel ISEF Best of Category in Engineering Mechanics, Fourth Award: $500 

More About Sigma Xi: Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society is the world’s largest multidisciplinary honor society for scientists and engineers. Its mission is to enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science and engineering, and promote the public understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Sigma Xi chapters can be found at colleges and universities, government laboratories, and industry research centers around the world. More than 200 Nobel Prize winners have been members. The Society is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. On Twitter: @SigmaXiSociety