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World’s Largest Research Honor Society Supports March for Science

April 10, 2018

Media Contact:
Heather Thorstensen
Manager of Communications
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society or (919) 549-4691 ext. 216

March for ScienceRESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC—On April 14, thousands of people will gather in cities and villages across the world for the March for Science. Among the crowds will be scientists and engineers who have pledged to uphold integrity in research and have joined a century-old Society dedicated to helping the public understand science.

These are members of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, which is supporting the nonpartisan march for its second year. Sigma Xi is a sponsor of the flagship event in Washington, DC, and the Society’s network of chapters and members will have roles in multiple satellite events.

  • In Raleigh, North Carolina: Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO Jamie Vernon will be a speaker. “By participating in the march, we can break down the barriers between science and society, connect with the people who rely on our work, and demonstrate our shared values,” he said.

  • In Blacksburg, Virginia: Former Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Chapter President Joe Merola will be speakers. The Virginia Tech Chapter is co-organizing the march.

  • In Marquette, Michigan: Sigma Xi member Holly Roth is the lead organizer of the march.

  • In San Diego, California: Sigma Xi member Rob Cooper is on the executive committee of the nonprofit organization that is leading the march.

  • In Washington, DC: Active Sigma Xi members are invited to a pre-march continental breakfast and rally at the headquarters of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) before the group heads to the march. Speakers at the March for Science in Washington, DC, will include Sigma Xi members Rush Holt, CEO of AAAS, and Sheila Jasanoff, professor of science and technology at Harvard University. 

For more events with Sigma Xi involvement, and links to the events listed above, see the Society's March for Science webpage