Dale W. Margerum

2000 Monie A. Ferst Awardmargerum

Dale W. Margerum is the Harvey Washington Wiley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University. The author of 235 research publications, he has served as research director for 83 Ph.D. graduates and 20 M.S. graduates. His research interests include studies of the kinetics and mechanisms of inorganic and bioinorganic reactions in solution, the development of new analytical methods to measure fast reactions, and the characterization and analysis of reactive species. Margerum is a past president of the Purdue University Chapter of Sigma Xi. His many honors include Purdue's Sigma Xi Research Award, Herbert Newby McCoy Award for Science Research and Wetherill Medal. In 1996, he received the American Chemical Society Award for Distinguished Service in Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry.