Germano S. Iannacchione

Germano Iannacchione

Present Position

Professor of Physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Program Director at NSF

Chapter Affiliation

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Background Information



Sigma Xi has an intrinsic and strong interdisciplinary nature that provides the perfect environment and facilitates the free exchange of ideas across disciplines. As a member of Sigma Xi for many years I believe our duty is to promote the importance of this exchange among our peers, in order to keep alive the desire of learning beyond the narrow scope of our disciplines. This is the essence of being truly educated and an intellectual leader. Unfortunately, many scientists do not take advantage of this and only join their own specific professional societies. Over the years I have worked very hard at our campus to keep our chapter viable as its secretary and preserve the institutional memory of our long established chapter (founded in 1905). If elected to the Committee on Nominations for the NE, I will use my experience to assist the Director as needed and work to develop the highest quality candidates for the leadership of Sigma Xi as well as promote the relevance of scientific endeavors both in all our campuses and in the community at large.

Sigma Xi and Other Activities
2017- now Program Director, Condensed Matter Physics, DMR – MPS, NSF.
2014- now Professor, Department of Physics, WPI.
2012- 2017 Director, Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) Program, WPI.
2006- 2016 Head, Department of Physics, WPI.
2012- 2016 Director, Master of Science in Physics for Educators (MPED) Program, WPI.
2004- 2014 Associate Professor, Department of Physics, WPI.
2013- 2014 Board of Trustee, Spirit of Knowledge Charter School, Worcester, MA.
2003- now Full member and secretary of Sigma Xi, WPI Chapter.
1998- 2004 Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
1999- 2000 Consultant, Planar Systems / Standish Inc., Madison, WI.
1998- 1999 Research Affiliate, Center for Materials Science and Engineering, MIT.