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Chronicle of The New Researcher  (CTNR) is a digital, open access journal that publishes original science, technology, engineering, and math research from high school students. This is a free opportunity for students thanks to funding from DIRECTV. Manuscripts are professionally reviewed to give students feedback about their work and experience in the scientific publishing process. This helps prepare them for research careers. 

CTNR is published by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. 


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Submission process

  1. Review CTNR's information for authors and author checklist.

  2. Submit a manuscript and cover letter by navigating to Editorial Manager and registering as an author.

  3. CTNR's editorial board conducts a technical check and assigns reviewers who assess the manuscript's merits to decide if it will be published by CTNR. 

  4. Selected authors receive reviewers' feedback and may be asked to make changes.

  5. The paper is approved and published after changes are made.

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Think CTNR might be a good fit for your research? Read a few of its published papers.


Rema Shah

Estrogen differentially regulates expression of P-38 and hemeoxygenase-1 in mouse cervix
By Rema Shah

Optimization of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) through co-adsorption and tri-adsorption of organic dyes
By Saurin Kantesaria


The Generation and Analysis of Waves with Varying Nonlinearity through a One-Dimensional Chain of Spheres
By Thorsen M. Wehr

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